Sunday, November 6, 2011

EPR FCKTHRSDY Podcast/Audiofunktion remix preview/Mizumo Release Date!!

Hey all! I was featured on the second EPR FCKTHRSDY podcast! Here's the link:

My portion of the mix starts around 35:30. Please ignore the fact that he refers to me as a man. No hate mail, please. If you would like to hear the full 25 minute mix i submitted (which i highly suggest you do!), here it is:

I also finished my remix of Audiofunktion's "Vintage Funk." Here is an unmastered preview:

The release date for that will be announced soon. Speaking of release dates, I just got word from DJ Denise that my remix of Kid Wobble's "Crazy Pillz" will be out on Beatport on November 24th. Keep an eye out for it!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Darth & Vader/Electro Fright Rocks w/ AC Slater!!

So once upon a time, a friend showed me this track, and I played it at my then-upcoming show at Temple. AND IT WAS FUCKING AMAZING.

I've always been a Darth & Vader fan. They broke onto the scene with a Perfect Cell remix, and established themselves as amazing producers with their remix of Freefire's "Dataloss." I heard this song EVERYWHERE for months, and I still never got tired of it ^_^

Freefire - Dataloss (Darth & Vader Remix) by Darth & Vader

Now, they're teasing us all with a *preview* or their killer remix of "Prutataa" by Afrojack and R3hab. RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!

Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataaa (Darth & Vader Remix) Official Remix [PREVIEW] by Darth & Vader

But *fortunately* I don't have to wait until they decide to release it...yunno why? BECAUSE I'M PLAYING WITH THEM TOMORROW AT ELECTRO FRIGHT ROCKS WITH AC SLATER. HA.

It'll be extra awesome because I'll be performing as my spooky alter ego, DEAD SEQUITUR. Be ready. Come in costume. Prepare to have the pants scared off of ya.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Audiofunktion "Vintage Funk" Remix/Losing.

Boooo I didn't win The Untz Challenge. Oh well. I guess I'll have to be more excellent next time. Anyway, DJ Denise has notified me that she is setting the date for the release of my remix of Kid Wobble's "Crazy Pillz" soon, and I should know momentarily. Woo! Check it out here:

Kid Wobble - Crazy Pillz (non sequitur Remix) by non sequitur.

I am also working on a remix of "Vintage Funk" by Audiofunktion, featuring my buddy Justin Illusion. Check out the original here:

Vintage Funk by audiofunktion

And you can also check out a preview of my friend Sychosis's remix here:

Audiofunktion-Vintage Funk(Sychosis Remix) Preview by Sychosis

I should have a preview up in a few days. Woo!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Untz Challenge!

Hooray! My track "Moon" has made it to the first bracket of voting in The Untz Challenge 2! Go here to vote for me:

The winner either gets a whole bunch of cool gear, an EP produced by a famous rock star dude, or a sweet gig! I wanna win!

Voting closes on Tuesday, October 18. Don't forget to click the link in your confirmation email to confirm your vote, or else it won't count!

Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lovevolution, New track "Moon" with free download!!!

Hey guys! Whew, yesterday was quite a day. I played at Lovevolution on the Electro Pop Rockin' Skill's float! Thanks to my EPR and Skills boys, the production was absolutely off the chain. We debuted our new LED DJ booth (that I lovingly named Bootha 3000. Well, Josh came up with the name Bootha, I added the 3000). It looked SO COOL! We had the badassest float. Not to brag. But. We did. >.<

The other crews brought it too! My friends over at Bay Area Entertainment and Pixel Porn had their first floats this year. Good job, guys!

I premiered my new track, "Moon," during my set yesterday. It was kinda epic. I think people liked it. This track has been getting a great response from friends and fans alike. Check it out! You can download it straight from the player for free!

Also, if you haven't gotten a chance to check out my Lovevolution promo mix, you definitely should. It features my remix of "Crazy Pills," as well as an intro telling you how to pronounce and spell my name! Because people keep getting it wrong! Tsk tsk. Behold:

Now, I head back into the studio. I'm really going to try to get an EP out late this year/early next year. I can do it!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

ok it's here: my lovevolution 2011 promo mix!

Hey guys! I did it! I finally made another mix! Here it is:

And here's the track listing:

[1] intro (learn some fucking latin) - non sequitur
[2] cys & thio - rayflash
[3] original hardcore (moguai edit) - moguai, westbam
[4] their law - swanky tunes
[5] zhm (dada life remix) - mustard pimp
[6] bass in your face - utku s.
[7] got u - dilemn, the clamps
[8] nyc make it happen (ftampa remix) - gloumout
[9] enter the abyss - bioblitz
[10] crazy pillz (non sequitur remix) - kid wobble
[11] wake up la - far too loud
[12] rockin' in the place - vandalism
[13] lazer cats (the squatters remix, dj icey edit) - dj fixx, keith mackenzie
[14] batter blaster (kmfx remix) - zxx, paul anthony
[15] sound clash - dj hero
[16] 21st century disco shit (miles dyson edit) - the soulbrothers
[17] dance (dirtyloud remix) - spencer & hill
[18] carry me home (hard rock sofa remix) - grant smillie

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


SO. Guess what? I'm playing at Lovevolution. Not only am I playing at Lovevolution, but I'm playing on the main float, the Electro Pop Rockin' Skills Float!!! Not only am I playing on the main float, I'm playing on the main float with Moby, Markus Schulz, Gareth Emery, and Blake Jarrell.


Here's the flyer!


I'm also putting the finishing touches on my Lovevolution Promo mix. I should have it done by this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, I'm playing at the Color War Day Party at the Berkeley Marina. Everybody should come. EVERYBODY.

Friday, August 19, 2011

dilemn + the clamps.

SO. I really like Dilemn. He's always been one of my favorite producers. He's dirty and gritty, just the way I like it. For his most recent release "Audio Control," he paired up with The Clamps, who I had personally not yet heard of. But alas, I am impressed! They've made a new fan. It's a 2-track EP. The title track is quite catchy and surely a dancefloor killer, but I really feel like the other track, "Got U" totally steals the show. It's dirtier. And darker. Just the way I like it.

Czech it out. Here are some previews:

Dilemn & The Clamps - Audio Control by Dilemn

Dilemn & The Clamps - Got U [Burn The Fire Records] by The Clamps

Aaaaaaaand if you really like it, peep it on Beatport.

I also cross-posted this entry to B33's blog. Twofer!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

my first official release!!!

So the time has come. I shall have a remix released on an ACTUAL label! Not just your buddy's label based in his actual record label with hundreds of releases on Beatport!

DJ Denise is a good friend of mine, and I entered her remix contest back in March. Even though I didn't win, she still gave me an opportunity to remix Kid Wobble's track "Crazy Pillz." So I did it! And I just got word yesterday that she wants to release it on her label, Mizumo Music! Yay! It should be out sometime in October. Why so far???

Check out a preview here:

Monday, July 18, 2011

all that she wants (is a song title that makes you lol)

MOOMBAHTON. You know, moombahton! That hot new thing that's not dubstep? Yeah, that.

I like it. Mostly because a) it reminds me of EDC (tee hee heeee) and b) it's a hot new trend that doesn't make my ears explode like dubstep does (I guess some people like the explodey ear thing...)

ANYWAY, so this track showed up in my feed on Soundcloud, the the title literally made me laugh out loud. I present to you an Ace of Base Remix by some guy named Baan. I like it.


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zen Compound Radio Show!

So first off, I've decided to start capitalizing things because I suppose that maybe some people critique my intelligence on whether or not I capitalize the first letters of sentences and proper nouns. I believe this is an inaccurate way to determine someone's intelligence, let alone musical talent, BUT WHATEVER.

In other news, last night I was featured on Temple SF's online radio show, Zen Compound! I did a 2 hour mix, and it's really great. You can listen to it here: Non Sequitur's Really Great Radio Show On Zen Compound FM.

You could also listen to it from here:

But then you wouldn't get the *full effect* or something.

Friday, July 15, 2011

z-listers are pretty great.

so it's no secret. i love z-listers. they're weird and dark and loud, just how i like it. they remind me of what it would sound like if the weird dark alt-metal bands that i used to love when i was 16 decided to produce electro instead. and that's funny because that's exactly what circuit freq did. ha!

so yeah, they decided to upload this pretty cool remix and give it away for free (!!!!), so i figured i'd share it with y'all. you can bet this track will be in my next set. yay!

i guess i could also let you in on my little audio-crush on neon stereo, who remixed z-listers' track "tweak & repeat." here's that one:

i've already played this out. i love it so much! weird and dark and chordy...and loud, don't forget loud...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


so i finished this track that i've been working on for almost 2 years.

i first laid down this melody in garageband right when i was starting to think about producing, and it sat on my hard drive untouched for several months. then once i got logic, i messed around with it, and it sounded like music made on a keyboard from costco. THEN i eventually tried to finish it when i realized, "hey, i could probably make it not sound like it was made on a keyboard from costco now." and there it was.

and here it is.

Friday, June 17, 2011

things lately, busy-ness, feed me show!

Whew! What a week...

So as you already know, I played with Feed Me last week! That was so fun! He's a very nice fellow. He speaks very good English and is quite charming. We had matching shirts.

I played my new track, "Intergalactic", and it was so neet to hear my music on Ruby Skye's amazing sound system! People seemed to like it. It made me feel kinda cool ^_^

All of this was only after playing at Electro Pop Rocks on the previous night. We had just moved to a new venue, 715 Harrison Street. Bigger and better than 525.

And then on friday, i played at Merry Making at Supperclub. Fun stuff.

Then this past Wednesday I played at EPR again for our 3 year anniversary, and then Phonic at the EndUp last night. Whew! I'm not used to this popularity...but it's most definitely flattering :)

For the time being, I don't really know what's next, aside from EPR every Wednesday, as usual. Any ideas? :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


yep. behold:

June 9th at SF's famous Ruby Skye!

With supporting acts John Beaver, K Theory, and me! And 414 lounge: Rudebrat, Luke Nukem, Sublock, and Bassex.

i get to play my tracks on that awesome sound system. woooooot!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

bass down low remix!

soooo yunno that song by DEV called "bass down low?" and how she says that "i like my beats fast, and my bass down low," but the beats aren't really that fast? well, maybe compared to a lot of hip hop that's like...90's not really that fast...

WELL. i remixed it. and the beats are faster. and the bass might not be much lower, but it's definitely louder. and meaner.

hate to toot my own horn, but this track makes me wanna start a mosh pit.

so go listen to it and openly praise my awesomeness.

Friday, March 11, 2011

porter robinson is a total fox.

there. i said it. and he makes some dirty beats.

i ran across his remix of innerpartysystem's "american trash" and i fucking loved it. the original is such a great song, plus it's totally true (lol). here 'tis:

Innerpartysystem - American Trash (Porter Robinson Remix) by Porter Robinson

go buy it on beatport.

i also really dig his re-edit of this track:

Porter Robinson - I'm On Fire by Porter Robinson

he doesn't have the re-edit itself on his soundcloud, and i don't wanna link it for free because i think that's rather gauche. but that one has a nice breakbeat behind it, and you all know how i feel about breaks :)

yeah, he has some good shit. check him out.

and he's hot. someone give him my number.

Monday, March 7, 2011

quick and easy way to my heart? remix nine inch nails. DUH!

sooooooo i woke up this morning to an email from death proof recordings saying that not only is that the coolest name for a label ever, but benjamin vial has done an edit of "ringfinger" by nine inch nails.

NOW. for those of you who don't know, nine inch nails is my FAAAAAAAAAAVEORITE BAND EVAR. so favorite that i'm writing about this at 7 AM. yeah, notice the time stamp? yeah.

AND. they're giving it away for free! fucking check it out!!!! listen below, and there's a download link in the comments. or just go here.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mizumo remix contest entry/B33!!!!

so guyyyyysssssss,

i entered the first official mizumo music remix contest! i remixed dj denise and drc's track "get off ur..." and i think it's pretty bangin. czech it out.

i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win i hope i win!!!

AND. i am now OFFICIALLY a resident for b33 and electro pop rocks!!! woo!!! in case you didn't know, electro pop rocks is one of the leading wedensday night events on the west coast, and the mayhem happens every wednesday at 525 howard st. in san francisco. come see me rock out with my peeps! i'm playing tonite with CYBERPUNKERS! that'll be great.

yep! well, until next time, check out one of my favorite cyberpunkers tracks, "i needed to go!"

Monday, February 21, 2011

infected frequencies interview!!!!!

sooooo ROBOTR!!!P from infected frequencies asked me some questions and posted the interview on their blog!! go read it here!