Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm playing with Dirtyloud!! OMG!!

You guys. OMG. Dirtyloud is playing at EPR. You like, don't even know. Like, I'm really excited. Like really REALLY excited. You know why? BECAUSE I *$&#@ING LOVE THEM.

Once upon a time, I was playing a New Years show with a certain EPR resident a few years ago. Until then, I'd only ever had the uber-opener slots before the clubs were even open, so I'd never played in front of an actual crowd before. And here I was, closing a New Years show in front of a packed crowd. Everyone was going nuts. My versus partner was rather wasted, and was offering no help. My nerves were a wreck. My hands were shaking. And what did I open with? THIS.

For a while, Dirtyloud was my little secret. Their stuff was out for a bit before it actually started hitting the charts, and when it did, I was excited that people would finally KNOW these songs that I loved when I'd play them out.

They had quite a unique style. in my opinion, they are the epitome of "progressive electro." They are actually one of my biggest inspirations, because they perfectly blend heavy, driving, buzzy, glitchy electro with pretty chords that get stuck in your head. Prime example: the second half of "Trash House Music." Check out those chords, man!

I feel like all of their songs are my favorite songs. Like this one!

And this one! I mean, who doesn't love big booty bitches??

And this one, that I really like because it's *kinda* like a love song, without all the mushy parts that make me hate love songs.

And of course, their latest track to tear up the charts, "Dae Guetta."

As for freebies, you like those? I LIKE THOSE. Get "Selecta" for free right from their Soundcloud.

Want more free stuff? HOW ABOUT A WHOLE MIXX?? (FYI: there's a free download link if you view the track on their Soundcloud page!)

So if you haven't gathered already, Dirtyloud is playing at EPR, with opening support by yours truly and my buddies Girls N Boomboxes. This show will PWN.