Friday, August 19, 2011

dilemn + the clamps.

SO. I really like Dilemn. He's always been one of my favorite producers. He's dirty and gritty, just the way I like it. For his most recent release "Audio Control," he paired up with The Clamps, who I had personally not yet heard of. But alas, I am impressed! They've made a new fan. It's a 2-track EP. The title track is quite catchy and surely a dancefloor killer, but I really feel like the other track, "Got U" totally steals the show. It's dirtier. And darker. Just the way I like it.

Czech it out. Here are some previews:

Dilemn & The Clamps - Audio Control by Dilemn

Dilemn & The Clamps - Got U [Burn The Fire Records] by The Clamps

Aaaaaaaand if you really like it, peep it on Beatport.

I also cross-posted this entry to B33's blog. Twofer!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

my first official release!!!

So the time has come. I shall have a remix released on an ACTUAL label! Not just your buddy's label based in his actual record label with hundreds of releases on Beatport!

DJ Denise is a good friend of mine, and I entered her remix contest back in March. Even though I didn't win, she still gave me an opportunity to remix Kid Wobble's track "Crazy Pillz." So I did it! And I just got word yesterday that she wants to release it on her label, Mizumo Music! Yay! It should be out sometime in October. Why so far???

Check out a preview here: