Tuesday, November 23, 2010

big booty bitchezzzzz

so i've run across some pretty awesome remixes of the infamous meme lately.

first off, we have one of my favorite artists, dirtyloud, doing their rendition. you can stream it here or buy it from beatport. you should totally do both.

Bombs Away - Big Booty Bitches (Dirtyloud Remix) by Dirtyloud

next, we have 8*B1T doing a breakbeat remix of Crizzly's dubstep remix. i like it a lot.

Crizzly - Big Booty Bitchez (8*B1T's Big Bitch Refix) FREE DOWNLOAD!! by 8*B1T

that last one you can download right from soundcloud. i dig it.

Monday, November 22, 2010

new original track "the visitors" DOWNLOAD IT NAO!!!!!

so i wrote a song. i made up this riff forever ago, maybe a week or two after i first got logic. when i was stuck on the verse of "anyway," i opened this up and went back to it. and i put a breakbeat in back of it and it sounded pretty good. so i made it into a song.

this may be the first song that i've ever finished on my own. i was in a band called The Stir in high school, and we completed songs then, but i always had help with songwriting. so...this is a first. i'm kinda proud of myself.

when i finished it, i still didn't have a name for it, so i went to these composition books i kept in high school called "book of random." i had pages and pages of random phrases that i someday wanted to use for something. so i found "the visitors" and i liked it.

so, yeah. here it is.

the visitors. by non_sequitur

Sunday, November 14, 2010

soundcloud's new player?

so APPARENTLY soundcloud has two pretty new player options for sharing tracks. now, it is entirely possible that it's not that new and i just missed it, but this still excites me very much. so check out my latest mix, AND the pretty artwork (made by me, of course)!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

deadmau5 - "strobe (plump djs remix)"

i must say that when i dropped this track at EPR 124, i got a brief flash of plump djs dropping this at the nocturnal festival. highlight of the year.

i'm not much of a deadmau5 fan, so nothing that has his name on it really gets my attention. consequently, that was the first time i heard it. man that was awesome.

Monday, November 1, 2010

yeaaahhh some shit + dada life!

yeah so this is actually gonna be more of a blog than a website. i REALLY wanted a blog-based website, but i don't really feel like paying lots of money to have other websites embed my blog within my website (which you can find at http://www.djnonsequitur.com, woo!), so i just aborted that mission. aaaaaaaaanyway...i will be posting semi-relevant shit here from time to time, like my new favorite songs.

speaking of those, i'd really like to share with you my favorite song of the week. those of you who are my friend on facebook have already seen me rant about how great this song is. i'm totally obsessed with "unleash the fucking dada" by dada life. the boys had posted a preview of it a few weeks ago, and being that i had JUST seen them at the nocturnal festival and i TOTALLY remembered them playing it, the song really brought back some great memories :D

so here it is in its entirety! go buy it on beatport!