Monday, November 22, 2010

new original track "the visitors" DOWNLOAD IT NAO!!!!!

so i wrote a song. i made up this riff forever ago, maybe a week or two after i first got logic. when i was stuck on the verse of "anyway," i opened this up and went back to it. and i put a breakbeat in back of it and it sounded pretty good. so i made it into a song.

this may be the first song that i've ever finished on my own. i was in a band called The Stir in high school, and we completed songs then, but i always had help with songwriting. so...this is a first. i'm kinda proud of myself.

when i finished it, i still didn't have a name for it, so i went to these composition books i kept in high school called "book of random." i had pages and pages of random phrases that i someday wanted to use for something. so i found "the visitors" and i liked it.

so, yeah. here it is.

the visitors. by non_sequitur

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