Friday, June 17, 2011

things lately, busy-ness, feed me show!

Whew! What a week...

So as you already know, I played with Feed Me last week! That was so fun! He's a very nice fellow. He speaks very good English and is quite charming. We had matching shirts.

I played my new track, "Intergalactic", and it was so neet to hear my music on Ruby Skye's amazing sound system! People seemed to like it. It made me feel kinda cool ^_^

All of this was only after playing at Electro Pop Rocks on the previous night. We had just moved to a new venue, 715 Harrison Street. Bigger and better than 525.

And then on friday, i played at Merry Making at Supperclub. Fun stuff.

Then this past Wednesday I played at EPR again for our 3 year anniversary, and then Phonic at the EndUp last night. Whew! I'm not used to this popularity...but it's most definitely flattering :)

For the time being, I don't really know what's next, aside from EPR every Wednesday, as usual. Any ideas? :D

Wednesday, June 15, 2011