Sunday, November 6, 2011

EPR FCKTHRSDY Podcast/Audiofunktion remix preview/Mizumo Release Date!!

Hey all! I was featured on the second EPR FCKTHRSDY podcast! Here's the link:

My portion of the mix starts around 35:30. Please ignore the fact that he refers to me as a man. No hate mail, please. If you would like to hear the full 25 minute mix i submitted (which i highly suggest you do!), here it is:

I also finished my remix of Audiofunktion's "Vintage Funk." Here is an unmastered preview:

The release date for that will be announced soon. Speaking of release dates, I just got word from DJ Denise that my remix of Kid Wobble's "Crazy Pillz" will be out on Beatport on November 24th. Keep an eye out for it!