Friday, July 15, 2011

z-listers are pretty great.

so it's no secret. i love z-listers. they're weird and dark and loud, just how i like it. they remind me of what it would sound like if the weird dark alt-metal bands that i used to love when i was 16 decided to produce electro instead. and that's funny because that's exactly what circuit freq did. ha!

so yeah, they decided to upload this pretty cool remix and give it away for free (!!!!), so i figured i'd share it with y'all. you can bet this track will be in my next set. yay!

i guess i could also let you in on my little audio-crush on neon stereo, who remixed z-listers' track "tweak & repeat." here's that one:

i've already played this out. i love it so much! weird and dark and chordy...and loud, don't forget loud...

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