Sunday, September 25, 2011

Lovevolution, New track "Moon" with free download!!!

Hey guys! Whew, yesterday was quite a day. I played at Lovevolution on the Electro Pop Rockin' Skill's float! Thanks to my EPR and Skills boys, the production was absolutely off the chain. We debuted our new LED DJ booth (that I lovingly named Bootha 3000. Well, Josh came up with the name Bootha, I added the 3000). It looked SO COOL! We had the badassest float. Not to brag. But. We did. >.<

The other crews brought it too! My friends over at Bay Area Entertainment and Pixel Porn had their first floats this year. Good job, guys!

I premiered my new track, "Moon," during my set yesterday. It was kinda epic. I think people liked it. This track has been getting a great response from friends and fans alike. Check it out! You can download it straight from the player for free!

Also, if you haven't gotten a chance to check out my Lovevolution promo mix, you definitely should. It features my remix of "Crazy Pills," as well as an intro telling you how to pronounce and spell my name! Because people keep getting it wrong! Tsk tsk. Behold:

Now, I head back into the studio. I'm really going to try to get an EP out late this year/early next year. I can do it!!

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