Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I'm opening for Jack Beats!

When our noble leader told us that we were having Jack Beats out in the spring, at first I was in complete and utter disbelief. As the date crawled closer and closer, I started to realize how big of a deal this is. Not only are they a huge act, but their remix of “Drop the Pressure” by Project Bassline holds some special memories for me.

Remember Blake’s on Telegraph? That bar/restaurant with the dingy basement that used to house hundreds of EDM events and rock shows? You know, the birthplace of EPR? “Drop the Pressure” reminds me of that place. When EPR was first taking off in the summer of 2009, back when the sparse crowd of our closest friends transformed into an uncontrollable rager in a basement, this song was everywhere. I remember driving to Blake’s from the city, carpool or not, rain or shine, despite school or work on Thursday morning, parking waaaaaay down Durant, and walking to the place in that eerie yellow light. As I’d approach the door, I could literally feel the floor vibrating beneath my feet. I’d come in and walk down the stairs, and that song would be playing (that, or MSTRKRFT’s “Bounce”).

That was the summer I threw my first rave. That track was in my set at my very first gig EVER.

And then, at EDC in Las Vegas last summer, that song was a brief moment of clarity among the chaos. On Saturday night, the place wasn’t really that packed...until 50,000 people showed up at midnight. I was like, “Where did all these people come from?” I didn’t even know where I was, until I heard that song, and realized I was at the Neon Garden stage. I looked out at the crowd, and realized how truly massive that event was. Good times. Good times, indeed.

So, you see, folks...this is kind of a big deal for me. And you know what else is pretty cool? I get to see them perform at the Ultra Music Festival, just days before I get to open for them in San Francisco.

F&%# YES.

So. Next week at EPR (not tomorrow): Jack Beats, with opening sets by yours truly, the infamous Jays One and B33son, and sets in the side room by Kirin Rider, DRRN, Chronologix, M3RC, and D Menis. Tickets will be on sale at EPR 195 tomorrow from 9-11pm across from the ticket booth. Don’t snooze, don’t lose! This show WILL sell out. See you there! :)

Go “like” their page for a free download! DO IT. THE BASS GODS COMMAND YOU. http://www.facebook.com/jackbeatsmusic

The song in question:

Another song you probably know and love:

More badassery:

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