Tuesday, January 24, 2012

CAZZETTE this Thursday at TORQ!!!!

So guess what, everybody? I'm playing with Cazzette this Thursday at TORQ at Ruby Skye!

I'm really surprised I haven't blogged about them yet. They broke onto the scene with some amazing remixes of songs you know and love, like Avicii's "Sweet Dreams." Amazing!

PREVIEW Avicii - Sweet Dreams (CAZZETTE meet AT NIGHT Mix) by Cazzette

Just before the new year, the Swedish duo released another Avicii remix, this time of "Levels." Check out a preview!


So if you want to see me pwn the dance floor with these guys this Thursday, you should definitely sign up for my guest list to get in for just $10 before 10:30. Don't forget to check my name! ^_^

I think I might even premiere my new track "Flattery" on Thursday as well. Or maybe on Wednesday at Electro Pop Rocks with Harvard Bass if the mood so strikes me. We'll see. So excited!

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